Fundraising with Donuts & Ammo

That’s right! Now you can raise funds for your special organization/benefit/charity while enjoying some of the best donuts around!

Stop on by, email, or call during our operating hours to setup your next event!


How does it work?

  1. Setup your event with us!
    • Get benefit information and goal
    • Set event end date
    • Set Donut pickup date
  2. Have people print off/copy our Fundraising sheet
  3. Take orders and accept money for the orders
  4. Submit all money and order sheets to Donuts and Ammo by the event end date
  5. Pick up all donuts on the Donut pickup dates
    • Keep the benefits portion of the total revenue

What portion of the proceeds goes to the fundraising benefit?

We will be giving 40% of the total proceeds to the benefit organizers!
Yes… 40%!

If you’re not able to meet the quantity/amount minimum, we’ll linearly scale that percentage to 75/25 donation rate with a bare minimum total order of 10dozen donuts.

Why should we choose Donuts & Ammo?

We pride ourselves in the quality of our donuts. They’re simply amazing, ask pretty much anyone who has had them. They’re unique while still reminding you of the ones of previous generations.
We’re also a small local business being run by local people. We know what some of the different organizations and charities can mean to our local population. We want to be able to support these groups and causes!

Are there any special requirements?

The overall requirement per Fundraising event is an overall minimum order of 20 dozen donuts OR $450 total. If you do not think your fundraising event would be able to reach that minimum amount, please tell us and we will more than likely be able to adjust the amount donated to compensate.

We at Donuts & Ammo will need to approve any fundraising event. We do not intend this service to be used as a way to get “discounted donuts” for personal use or profit but rather a way to support a specific organization/groups cause (adult/kid sports teams, cancer research benefit, etc…), charity, or benefit.